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Signs of Meth Use

Symptoms and Signs of Meth Use

By Drug Addiction

Meth is an incredibly dangerous drug, in part due to the nature of its “high.” Although the effects of the drug are long lasting, many addicts use meth multiple times in one setting, often referred to as a meth “binge.” The neurotransmitters released when one uses methamphetamine are the same neurotransmitters responsible for sleep, memory, hunger, and regulating mood and bodily functions.

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symptoms of alcoholism

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

By Drug Addiction

Alcoholism is often used to describe an individual who has a strong dependence on alcohol. Heavy drinking can start out as a way to kick back and relax after a long day at work or at a social event with friends or coworkers, but those facing a potential alcohol addiction often don’t start out thinking they’re not in control of their drinking habits.

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