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When thinking of rehabilitation you probably first think of orthopedic treatments, surgery recovery, and even addiction recovery. But rehabilitation for mental health? What does that even mean? We promise it’s not as scary as it might seem. Rehabilitation for mental health is a service that helps people suffering from longer-term mental health problems recover. A mental health rehabilitation center like The Phoenix helps individuals who suffer from any type of mental illness for an extended period of time by providing professional care, monitoring, and support. The purpose of a residential mental health facility is to help an individual learn and recover to the point where they can successfully function at home, work, and/or school on their own. 

So, why consider a rehabilitation center, and at what point does a rehabilitation center become necessary? We’ll highlight some of the key benefits of a mental health treatment center like The Phoenix below. 

Benefits of Mental Health Rehab

Supervised Care and Constant Monitoring

A key benefit of top mental health treatment centers is that there is qualified personnel on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide treatment, monitoring, and supervision. Constant supervision is key when an individual is unstable, first trying to diagnose and treat a mental illness, or in danger of harming themselves.

In these instances, patients are adjusting to a new medication and have adverse reactions, experience symptoms that accelerate unpredictably, suffer from unstable episodes, and more. At a mental health rehabilitation center, these individuals can receive immediate care from trained professionals in the instant it is needed.

Consistent Access to Professional Psychologists and Therapists

When first seeking help for a mental illness, it can take multiple weeks and even months to see a professional psychologist or therapist for the first time. Then, after seeing a trained professional, it takes many more months to find the right diagnosis, medication, and therapy that will best help an individual. In summary, scattered appointments and prescriptions over scattered months leave individuals scared, alone, and often unstable. Outpatient treatments that are not through a rehabilitation center take a large toll on individuals and their loved ones until the right balance of diagnosis, treatment, and care can be determined. 

At a rehabilitation center, professional psychologists and therapists are on-site consistently to provide faster, more intensive care than a series of scattered appointments and prescriptions. Whether you choose an inpatient or outpatient option with a mental health rehabilitation center like The Phoenix, the constant care and availability of resources has been found to help an individual find a more accurate diagnosis and corresponding treatment faster than any other method. Additionally, individuals are able to find answers quickly and put less of a strain on themselves and their loved ones.

Simultaneous Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Rehabilitation Available

The Phoenix offers dual diagnosis treatment for individuals who may have overlapping symptoms of a substance abuse disorder and a mental illness. Often, substance abuse can trigger mental health conditions due to changes in brain function. Further, patients with mental health conditions might also find themselves in a situation where they are more susceptible to substance abuse to self-medicate and manage symptoms.

In these cases, it is important to be able to accurately diagnose and differentiate between the mental illness treatment and the addiction recovery that is needed. Many mental health rehabilitation centers, including The Phoenix, are experts in managing and caring for individuals with a dual diagnosis.

Personal Benefits of Receiving Treatment for Mental Health

In addition to the many benefits that are listed above, seeking a mental health rehabilitation center should be seen as an act of self-love and commitment to having a higher-quality life. In addition to receiving constant professional care, individuals feel inclusion and support from other patients seeking similar treatment. Further individuals leaving rehabilitation care experience improved quality of life, reduced chance for complications, reduced risk of medical issues, better performance and focus in their daily activities, and much more. Seeking rehabilitation care can help your or a loved one regain control over life situations. 

Tips for Getting Started 

It can be tough to take the first steps towards receiving help at a mental health rehabilitation center. We recommend getting to know The Phoenix to see if it is the right step for you! The Phoenix Recovery Center is conveniently located in the Salt Lake Valley, offering many opportunities for a variety of recreational activities. We see patients who come from in-state and out-of-state and can help coordinate travel to get you or a loved one to our facilities. Give us a call today to learn more and get started with our admissions process.

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