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Mental Health Care

When it comes to getting behavioral health care for yourself or a loved one to help treat mental illness, you deserve the top services and resources available from the best mental health facilities Utah has to offer, with services and resources best suited to meet your treatment needs. The Phoenix Recovery Center is both an outpatient and inpatient mental health facility in Utah. With our state-of-the-art behavioral mental health facility located in South Jordan Utah, The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. is equipped with the tools and therapy that can help you experience recovery and return to living a meaningful life.

A list of mental disorders for which The Phoenix offers behavioral and mental health services can be found at the bottom of this page. In addition to mental health help, The Phoenix also offers programs that specialize in substance abuse and addiction recovery as well as veteran’s mental health services in Utah.

The Phoenix Difference

The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. offers premier mental health services driven by the mission statement: “Empowering individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders, to celebrate life through lasting solutions.”

To provide this type of mental health help, our services accomplish the therapeutic and healing experience through a continuum of care that includes Residential Treatment (RTC), a Day Treatment Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and a General Outpatient Program (GOP). The continuum also includes a monthly Alumni Support Meeting, which provides a recovery support community for mental health help to sustain the recovery of The Phoenix Alumni.

Different individuals may require different kinds of mental health care and behavioral mental health services to meet their treatment needs. The Phoenix offers mental health Utah-based services, with different treatment options to serve individual needs. More information about each of our services in our Utah mental health clinic may be found below.

Mental Health

Residential Treatment

The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. provides excellent support to those who are challenged by or suffering from mental health disorders. It is important to note that we do NOT provide acute medical residential treatment for psychiatric stabilization. The Phoenix is partnered with some of the best psychiatric centers on the Wasatch Front. We make sure that you are taken care of if, upon assessment, it is determined that acute medical, (Psych ward) residential treatment is needed.

When someone has stabilized from an acute medical milieu, or if that milieu wasn’t deemed medically necessary, The Phoenix offers a Residential level of care that allows one to smoothly transition into a safe residential environment while receiving 24 hour a day care.

Mental Health Residential Treatment
Benefits of Inpatient Care
Mental Health

(PHP) Day Program

For those who are assessed in the initial intake with mental health disorders, but whom it is determined that residential support for stabilization is not required, the Intensive Outpatient Services Day Program may be deemed appropriate. Additionally, those who have stabilized in an Inpatient Treatment Residential Program, often step down to a lower level of care and enter the Intensive Outpatient Day Program.

Mental Health Day Programs
Day Treatment Program
Mental Health

(IOP) Intensive Outpatient

IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program and is designed to be both a support group and treatment service for qualified candidates. Programs may include but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorder, personality disorder, and other mental health disorders. Unlike inpatient program attendees who live in the therapy facility, IOP members attend individual counseling, support groups, medication management, psychiatric screenings, and many other impactful services offered every week.

IOP Mental Health Programs
Day Treatment Program
Mental Health

(GOP) General Outpatient

General Outpatient characterizes the step down from 12 hours of group a week in the IOP (e.g. Intensive Outpatient Program) down to what is deemed clinically necessary for the patient. Research indicates that proper disease management support is critical in sustaining well-being, especially in the first year. To cut off necessary support too early in that first year often leads to emotional relapses. As a result, it is common to step individuals down from intensive levels of care to more moderate levels of care, found in an outpatient mental health program. Individuals continue to work with their individual therapist during the course of their General Outpatient experience.

GOP for Mental Health
Day Treatment Program

Customized Programs For Individual Needs

From mental health help to substance abuse recovery, The Phoenix Difference constitutes a tailored program and recovery experience defined by research, making us one of the best mental health facilities Utah has to offer. Every effort is directed at supporting outcomes that prepare patients and their families with both the knowledge and the applied behaviors they need to manage their mental health and reclaim a meaningful life.

To make the claim as one of the top wellness recovery centers in Utah, one must possess the knowledge & expertise of the disease of mental health and integrate that understanding into the science of recovery. At The Phoenix, our body of medical & clinical professionals know and understand the biological and psychological science that support treatments in trauma, emotional disorders, behavioral mental health and other mental health concerns.

All who engage in The Phoenix recovery experience through our continuum of care will learn and develop recovery and disease management skills. Moreover, patients and family members can begin to identify, define, and achieve stability in their pursuit of a meaningful life. As a result, self-confidence embodies the emotional and cognitive condition of these individuals. Patients and their family members enjoy relationships that begin to be healed. They also celebrate that dreams are being redefined through realistic applied behaviors that are motivated by meaningful pursuits supported by recovery-based support systems. Our behavioral and mental health services provide the support to reclaim a meaningful life.

We are confident that our licensed medical and clinical staff will provide the best opportunity for our patients to reclaim a life of sobriety, well-being, and meaning fulfillment. We provide a community that gives patients the opportunity to be part of a group of people who understands them. We continually strive to empower individuals and families suffering from substance abuse addiction and emotional disorders to celebrate life through lasting solutions. If you have any questions or want to request more information about The Phoenix Recovery Center, please call us.  There is hope in recovery through The Phoenix Recovery Center for addiction services in Utah.

Our mental health facility clinic in South Jordan, Utah offers unique, research-based treatment options. We are excited to answer any questions and support you as you embark on the healing process. Call us today at 801-438-3185 to find a treatment tailored to the individual and your family.

Mental Health Services in Utah

Depression & Anxiety
Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorder
Dissociative Disorders
Suicidal Ideation
Postpartum Depression
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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