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The Phoenix Recovery Center Team

The Staff at The Phoenix Recovery Center is passionate about total behavioral health in overcoming addiction or mental health disorders. They deeply care about each person who they work with. Often our alumni comment on the profound impact of our staff members in encouraging them on their path to living a fulfilling life. Those who come to The Phoenix Recovery Center can realize a rebirth of their own dreams as they achieve their own wellness, sobriety and much, much more. And that makes all the difference.


Jake Shoff, CEO

Jake Shoff

Jake was born in Biloxi Mississippi. After moving in multiple places in the country due to his father’s military service, Jake finally landed in Utah. Upon returning from an LDS mission to Honduras, Jake attended BYU where he graduated in management. While at BYU he played basketball for the Cougars. During school he met & married his wife Emily. They currently enjoy 4 boys. After graduating in 2004 Jake owned and operated several successful businesses. “In 2007, my best friend and business partner committed suicide due to substance abuse & mental health issues–I felt lost.” Soon after, Jake became involved in the treatment industry and has never looked back. “I have found my life’s professional passion.”

“There is nothing better than seeing a new client lost and broken, turn the corner and reclaim hope, confidence,and a life of meaning.” That’s why The Phoenix Recovery Center was formed. “We’re passionate about helping those suffering from this awful disease. It is our privilege to be a part of the best clinical, admissions, program & billing teams available in this field.”

The Phoenix just celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Through its tenure, the company has hit many milestones, including being recognized on the 2016 INC 500 fastest growing companies in America list, coming in at number 34. Jake loves this industry and the clientele we support. He serves in the recovery community as the Vice President (President Elect) of the Utah Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. (UAATP) “After 10 years of working in this industry, I have not once regretted my decision to get involved and help make a difference.” Rise Above!

Troy Jolley, CFO

Troy Jolley

After graduating in Business Finance from the University of Utah Troy soon started two franchise musical instrument stores (Music Go Round) in Midvale and Orem, Utah. Upon growing the business aggressively for 7 years, in 2001 He sold the stores and moved on to Manage two successful businesses with Express Solutions Bindery and The Home Theatre Company. Both of which have seen unprecedented periods of growth and success. With over 20 years of successful business financial management Troy is excited to apply his expertise at The Phoenix Recovery Center.
Krissi Hutchins, Executive Director
Executive Director

Krissi Hutchins

Krissi was born and raised in Utah; and she graduated from Copper Hills High School. After 5 years of the usual “what do I want to do with my life” she accepted a job in which she stuck with for 8.5 years in the legal world and learned all things Compliance. As a single mom her time is consumed with caring for her 2 young children, “I wouldn’t change a thing!” In her spare time she enjoys reading and doing anything out in the sun. Having had a first hand experience with seeing how substance use and addiction can affect the families of loved ones she has had an interest and desire for being a part of the recovery process. “I honestly could not be luckier than getting the opportunity to be part of the Phoenix Team, I thoroughly enjoy seeing other people find their happiness!”


Krissi Hutchins, Executive Director

Krissi Hutchins

Executive Director

Jeremy Bailey LMFT, Assistant Clinical Director

Jeremy Bailey, LMFT

Assistant Clinical Director

Gillian Bailey, Admissions Director

Gillian Bailey

Admissions Director

Lucas Robinson, Medical Director

Lucas Robinson

Medical Director

Ben Hutchins, Residential Director

Ben Hutchins

Residential Director

Chellsea McClellan, Billing & UR Director

Chellsea McClellan

Billing & UR Director

Candice Taylor LCSW, Clinical Director

Candice Taylor LCSW

Clinical Director

Melanie Leetham, Assistant Residential Director

Melanie Leetham

Assistant Residential Director

Clinical & Medical Team

Alisiah McCardell, CSW

Alisiah McCardell, CSW

Haley Cassleman, ACMHC

Haley Cassleman, ACMHC

Kelli Pierce, ACMHC

Kelli Pierce, ACMHC

Marielle McDonald, Evening Receptionist

Lucy Larsen, MA


Brit Bitters, LCSW

Brit Bitters, LCSW

Jamie Duke, CSW

Jamie Duke, CSW

Matthew Jackson, CSUDC

Matthew Jackson, CSUDC

Damien Dizonno, ACMHC

Damien Dizonno, ACMHC

Janice Snow, CSW

Janice Snow, CSW

Rebecca Brieman, LSUDC, MFT-I

Rebecca Brieman, LSUDC, MFT-I

Program Team

Jake Ritchie, Assistant Male Manager

Jake Ritchie

Assistant Male Manager

Kenzie Stokes, Assistant Female Manager

Kenzie Stokes

Assistant Female Manager

Stacy Rawlings, Therapeutic Recreational Technician

Stacy Rawlings

Therapeutic Recreational Technician


Austin Roderick, Admission Coordinator

Austin Roderick

Admission Coordinator

Sam Heaps, Admission Coordinator

Sam Heaps

Admission Coordinator

Billing & Utilization Review

Tyler Sims, Billing & UR Specialist

Tyler Sims

Billing & UR Specialist

Olivya Holmes, Administrative Assistant

Olivya Holmes

Administrative Assistant

Marielle McDonald

Evening Receptionist

The Phoenix Recovery Center
489 W. South Jordan Pkwy
Suite 400
South Jordan, UT