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PHP Therapy Day Program for Mental Health Disorders

PHP Day Program

For those who are assessed in the initial intake with mental health disorders, but whom it is determined that residential support for stabilization is not required, the Intensive Outpatient Services Day Program may be deemed appropriate. Additionally, those who have stabilized in an Inpatient Treatment Residential Program, often step down to a lower level of care and enter the Intensive Outpatient Day Program.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

The Intensive Outpatient Day Program provides groups from 9 am to 8 pm Monday through Thursday and Friday 9 am to 5 pm. In an effort to be sensitive to individual needs, patients are able to select from a schedule of groups that amount to a total of 22 hours a week in PHP programs. Additionally, patients also receive three hours of individual therapy a week. Pharmacological support continues to be a vital and critical aspect of the Mental Health Therapy PHP Program. Psychiatric care often includes pharmacological support. Often medication is pivotal in establishing emotional stabilization and the ability to develop skills to cope with life challenges and create purposeful choices.

The PHP treatment is a vital and necessary component of mental wellness stabilization and recovery in order to provide adequate support for those early in treatment who are striving to apply disease management skills and striving to live life with its corresponding stresses (e.g. job, school, family, social affiliations, and recreation). The tailored blend of experiential experiences, therapeutic education, and process groups combined with individual therapy provides the mental health support to assist the patient to manage their mental wellness and also engage in life pursuits.

Research indicates that when a patient has achieved a degree of psychiatric stability and wellness in an institutional setting and immediately re-enters life without adequate psychiatric and recovery support, the person often digresses. As a result, decreasing treatment exposure commensurate with increasing life becomes an essential part of treatment across the continuum of care. This is why it is strongly recommended that from a residential treatment experience individuals step down to a day treatment program. This level of care provides the necessary psychiatric support while the recovering person acclimates back into life with its associated challenges.

Recovery Capital

During each level of care, The Phoenix Recovery Center, LLC. provide recovery capital, which is a form of education and skill development to aid in sustained recovery. This recovery capital is accomplished through four types of therapy: medical intervention & pharmacological impact, individual therapy, group therapy, and recreational therapy.

Furthermore, the three specific areas of recovery capital that we at The Phoenix Recovery Center found will give you the best tools for lasting success include: personal capital, family and social capital, and community recovery capital.

First, personal recovery capital focuses on basic wellness–financial resources, housing situation, access to transportation, etc.–as well as psychological aspects of developing your dreams, hopes and beliefs for a meaningful life.

Next, relationship recovery capital focuses on family and social relationships and the level of support the patient has outside of The Phoenix Recovery Center.

Lastly, community recovery capital focuses on local resources—such as vocational rehab, schools, employment, access to support groups, etc.—that helps patients during their treatment.

By growing in recovery capital, the more stable your overall recovery process/treatment will be.

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