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We regard the trust to provide care for those striving to improve the quality of their lives as being central to all our objectives. We are confident that our staff and clinical program provide the best opportunity for our patients to reclaim a life of sobriety, mental wellness, and meaning fulfillment. At The Phoenix Recovery Center, we continually strive to empower individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders to celebrate life through lasting solutions. Both national and state public health statistics indicate that 1 in 10 suffering from addiction and mental health challenges access care.


Disease management is an important component of treatment for chemical dependency and psychiatric treatment. As a result, The Phoenix Recovery Center has designed a treatment experience that directly focuses on meaning interventions that support meaning development and pursuits. Our hypotheses for this study are: As meaning and purpose are developed, the patient’s meaning orientation is formed and they become more directive and purposeful in daily decisions. Moreover, it was hypothesized that depression and anxiety will decrease and attitudes and behaviors with drugs and alcohol will positively change as meaning development and pursuit are supported.

The study included 807 patients receiving treatment for chemical dependency, psychiatric disorders, or comorbidity concerns.

The Results

“As the patient’s personal meaning improves, depression and anxiety decreases”


According to the 2014 national survey on drug use and health 21.5 million people (age 12 and older) in the U.S. had a substance use disorder


The Phoenix Recovery Center findings confirm that treating and supporting the development and the pursuit of meaning in daily choices, increases the formation of purpose in the lives of the patient. As the patient’s personal meaning improves, depression and anxiety decreases. Additionally, as a sense of meaning is developed chemical dependence behaviors decrease and attitudes about substances use improves. These outcomes were statistically significant at .001, demonstrating the powerful influence The Phoenix treatment approach is causing in the lives of their patients. The findings support the importance of meaning development as a significant intervention in the treatment of chemical dependency, sustained recovery, and psychiatric stabilization. Current findings support the previous research which suggests the value of meaning development in sustained recovery by decreasing the frequency of future relapses. Longitudinal efforts are required to assess the sustainability of both meaning and the predicted decrease in relapse occurrence in the patient’s recovery.

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