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Managing the concern, fear, and pain for a loved one suffering from chemical dependency is extremely challenging and can create feelings of being overwhelmed and defeated. When every plea, negotiation and compromise has failed, desperation often follows with the ensuing feelings of frustration, resentment, and loss. Often, many loved ones discover that combined family efforts and resources have failed to provide remedy and alter the behavior of those suffering from chemical dependence.

To the person who is chemically dependent, you are usually the one suffering the most. Filled with the shame and self-judgment of chronic relapses and continued use despite negative consequences, you struggle to reclaim your hope of ever realizing your former life. You reflect upon broken promises, commitments, and efforts that have impacted meaningful relationships. Yet, at certain moments, moments when clarity strikes at the very heart of your existence, you dream of a life without drugs or alcohol. You realize that in order for this yearning to be realized—to have the life you desire—it cannot happen by yourself. While admitting one is powerless over the addiction is one thing, the need to surrender and trust someone to provide the support required to become sober and live a life of meaning is another. Who do you trust? Do you need to find a drug detox center? Do you need to pursue a long-term drug rehab facility where residential treatment will be required to address your steps of recovery or will outpatient drug rehab services meet your needs? What are the top alcohol and drug rehab centers in Utah?

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Perhaps the most profound aspect of the Phoenix Difference is our approach. While we are extremely deliberate in educating and supporting the client in disease management and better equipping them with the skills of developing a stable recovery capital experience, our focus distinguishes us as unique. Our focus is centered upon the spiritual meaning making, seeking, and fulfillment aspects of the human experience. Critical to the health, wellness, and thriving in the human condition is the process of having the “inner ear,” the capacity to discover what one believes in themselves and life, to draw upon gifts, strengths and support systems to pursue those goal directed meaning pursuits. To this end, our treatment is extremely individualized, with treatment objectives being largely defined by those awakenings and pursuits that exist within each client.

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The Phoenix Recovery Center
489 W. South Jordan Pkwy
Suite 400
South Jordan, UT