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Crandall (not his real name) needed to overcome a long-term addiction to heroin and other drugs. When Crandall’s family inquired about him coming to the Phoenix, they were worried because he had relapsed three times before after he had been in residential treatment. Why would this attempt be any different?

While there are no guarantees for recovery, The Phoenix Recovery Center approaches treatment in an all-inclusive way. This is the Phoenix difference:

  • We work to resolve the underlying causes of addiction
  • We use the 12 Step program that has worked for millions
  • We focus on building enhanced health, uplifting emotions, mental resilience, great relationships, and inspiring spirituality
  • We require personal accountability and responsibility
  • We help each person understand themselves and to also empathize with others
  • We assist others to develop meaning, purpose, and enrichment in their lives
  • We support the healing of families and provide counseling for family members
  • We provide on-going support for the first year of recovery and beyond

In working with hundreds of individuals and in supporting their loved ones, the Phoenix professionals tailor treatment plans to the specific needs of each person and the needs of the family. More than this, each person who comes to us quickly learns that we care about them. What we do is transformative. This transformation relies on everyone who lives or works at the Phoenix. It is a community of friendship, respect, and teamwork.

What is the Phoenix difference? It is all of these compelling recovery skills and capabilities. It is why so many of those who have come to the Phoenix for their own recovery are now working in this field in order to help others find great, new beginnings.

Crandall was not sure that The Phoenix Recovery Center was a good fit for him but his family convinced him to give it a try for a few weeks. He made that commitment. After the first week he let his family know that the Phoenix really was different and he was going to stay. That was over a year ago and today he has not only maintained sobriety but he is continuing his education and considering a profession in substance abuse counseling. In a very real sense, Crandall, and many others who have joined him, make up the Phoenix difference.

The Phoenix Recovery Center
489 W. South Jordan Pkwy
Suite 400
South Jordan, UT