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Support a Loved One through the 12 Step Program

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, you might feel desperate, defenseless, and devastated. You want to help them, but you don’t know how to offer your help without having them pull away.

The best way to help your addicted loved one is to support them through the 12 step program. This program was originally created for Alcoholics Anonymous and has been around since 1938. It is the recovery method of choice for hundreds of organizations.

We know that the 12 step program can help your loved one find the support and gumption they need to overcome any type of addiction, and that you can be the key to help this program work for them.

How Does the 12 Step Program Work?

The 12 step program involves 12 spiritually-based phases of addiction recovery. Each step is meant to help addicts admit that the addiction is controlling their lives and that they can only change by relying on God.

This type of program doesn’t just create a short term fix, but a long term solution. It helps addicts move on from their mistakes and embrace a new life. It allows them to rely not only on their own strength, as other recovery programs may encourage, but on the strength of God as well as their family members, friends, counselors, and others who have overcome addictions.

Your loved one will have the support of both professionals and group members as they carry out these steps. Your support will be a great strength to them as well.

How Can You Support Your Loved One?

As your loved one begins the 12 step program, be there to support them by asking how they are doing with the program and if there is anything you can do to help. Recognize that this is a difficult and painful process for them, and they will need your love, your support, and your positive attitude and encouragement.

At The Phoenix Recovery Center, we use the 12 step program to help our patients heal and become a stronger version of themselves. If you think our program is right for your loved one, call us at 801-571-6798.

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